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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello friends and family!

Nothing really new to share with me~ just thought I'd let you know that after one month of progesterone treatment, I feel pretty normal. I have been a little on the irritable side, but other than that, I have not had side effects. I am getting anxious to be done though! I'm ready to find out what's next!

Thursday night we celebrated with my friend LS from Hannah's Hope. She is 4months pregnant and is now one of our "alumni" gals. I'm so excited for her as it's finally feeling more real! We've been through this together for the last two years and it truly encourages everyone to see someone have success after waiting such a long time. Her attitude has been amazing through the thick and thin lining(haha little infertility joke).

Wednesday, we'll find out how my friend GM's frozen embryo transfer went. She had two put in and I'm so hopeful that this is it...Changes are in the air! Check out her amazing blog and be prepared to grow in your faith just be reading about her

I'd better get ready for the day now! I'm going to do a garage sale and see how much of our junk I can get rid of. Have a great Memorial Day everyone.

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