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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Baby Ruth Library

For a little one who hasn't even been conceived yet, Baby Ruth sure has a lot of reading material. Check out our new kid's book section in the bookshelf! On Friday, we spent the day with my parents and grandma in Hood River. My mom just retired from teaching second grade for over 30 years and she gave us loads of these gorgeous children's books! I can't wait to test them out. Thankfully we have nieces and friends to help "tide us over" until we read to our own munchkin.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Round 2

As I type, there's a little buck with just the start of antlers laying in the grass right outside my window and a cute baby bunny is chomping on some grass. It made me think of Bambi and Thumper. I love Spring!

This month, I'm going to make every effort to "betrol myself" as Hallie would have said. I really don't want the progesterone to take control of my emotions again. I'll be starting round 2 tonight and take pills for the next 12 days. I'm thankful that I don't have to do them as shots. This can be very painful, as some of my friends have experienced during thier IVF treatments. One of the gals had so much pain that she couldn't walk or lay down for a stretch of time.

I've been working on an application for an IVF scholarship from the organization INCIID the last few days. I'm waiting to connect with the IVF coordinator from OHSU since they will have to write me a letter of referral. If we win the scholarship, they will pay for 1 free IVF cycle. We would be required to fundraise $3000 of it, which has already been saved in the Baby Ruth Fund thankfully.

I can't beleive it's June and school just got out. It's freezing cold--just had to turn on the heat. I think I'll cozy up in some pj's and watch the show 24 with my hubby.

Good Night!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Correction to two things and a Congrats

I am not just a little irritable. It has progressed to REALLY REALLY irritable (I'm blaming progesterone because there's no other reason for it). Poor Samir--my dear business "partner-in-crime". He nicely reminded me to make calls today and I bit his head off. Ugh--I hate hormones.

Also, I had my friend's blog address a little off. It's
I'm not telling her results here, because I'm trying to bite my tongue and let people tell thier own stories!

Lastly~ Big CONGRATS to my mom Carolyn for retiring in 10 days. She had a really nice, well attended party tonight at Tommy O's. I hope she felt loved and supported.


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