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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby's First Scare

Little baby is going to get a spanking as soon as we get him/her out. (S)he worried his/her mom to death. I'm sure this is going to happen many a time in life, so that's why I call it the "first scare".

Saturday at work I suddenly felt a gush only to discover bright red blood. Per nurse's orders, I went home right away and started bed rest with lots of liquids. It continued into the night, but got better by the next day. The doctor finally saw me Tuesday morning and everything looked great on the ultrasound. The bleeding was most likely caused by a blood clot, but it was really tough for him to see on the ultrasound. It must have caused a slight separation of the egg sac from the uterus. It's on the opposite side of where the umbilical cord is, so he said it should be just fine. I'm supposed to take it easy for a week. Baby is 16.6 mm and heartbeat is 167 bpm. My hormone levels came in looking fantastic as well.

Thank you to those of you who knew and were praying for us! God gave us peace and a miraculous outcome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks for your prayers!

I'm pleased to report that the gal who went through IVF and nearly had to quit is pregnant too! Her levels are rising nicely and things are looking great. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.

Our little baby seems to be flourishing too. He or she is wearing me out and causing some slight nausea--both bearable so far. It's nice to be reminded that things are happening in there! My next doctor's visit is with my regular OB next Friday the 20th. Then I have an  ultrasound the following week with Dr. Bankowski at ORM. Can't wait-- baby should have visible arms and legs by then.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our First Ultrasound

We found out today that we have one precious baby growing! He or she is 6.7 mm long and the heart beat is 117 beats per minute. They look for it to be over 100 at this point. We are 6 weeks and 4 days along. Our due date is Christmas Day--so not to easy to forget!

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