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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks for your prayers!

I'm pleased to report that the gal who went through IVF and nearly had to quit is pregnant too! Her levels are rising nicely and things are looking great. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.

Our little baby seems to be flourishing too. He or she is wearing me out and causing some slight nausea--both bearable so far. It's nice to be reminded that things are happening in there! My next doctor's visit is with my regular OB next Friday the 20th. Then I have an  ultrasound the following week with Dr. Bankowski at ORM. Can't wait-- baby should have visible arms and legs by then.


  1. Thanks for the prayer request! We are super excited! I am glad to be so close to you in progress.
    See you tonight!

  2. That's wonderful news, I have progesterone if she needs it:). So excited things are going well for you!! Bless you and baby!

  3. Sorry, that last post was from me, Raquel


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