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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Correction to two things and a Congrats

I am not just a little irritable. It has progressed to REALLY REALLY irritable (I'm blaming progesterone because there's no other reason for it). Poor Samir--my dear business "partner-in-crime". He nicely reminded me to make calls today and I bit his head off. Ugh--I hate hormones.

Also, I had my friend's blog address a little off. It's
I'm not telling her results here, because I'm trying to bite my tongue and let people tell thier own stories!

Lastly~ Big CONGRATS to my mom Carolyn for retiring in 10 days. She had a really nice, well attended party tonight at Tommy O's. I hope she felt loved and supported.


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    I am reading your post ,and wish you all the best!
    Hope to know you better~much love Deepali


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