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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Day

Today a gentleman I was helping at work asked me if it was my first baby...and I didn't even tell him I was pregnant! That was the first time anyone has assumed I'm not just eating too many Krispy Kremes. I guess I really am showing! Either that, or one of my co-workers warned him ahead of time not to mess with the pregnant lady (which is a good idea--and don't ask me to do math either. Pregnancy brain is a very real thing).

Life is funny. Tonight a Chinese Buddhist monk called me up at about 8PM. He had picked up a brochure at New Heights for the Hannah's Hope Infertility Group. I don't think he had any idea what that was, but he just wanted to talk with someone. He was very sincere in his new found Christian faith and wanted to talk frankly about philosophy and such. I hope he gained some encouragement from our little chat. I was so caught off guard, I don't think I said anything too deep. I'm really hoping he'll try some other avenues at New Heights and find some people to talk to that do not have pregnancy brain.

13 weeks~ junk in the front!

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