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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Week Wiggley Baby

Our ultrasound Tuesday was super fun to watch. Baby is swimming around in the amniotic fluid wiggling around like crazy. Skinny little legs and arms have sprouted and we even caught a glimpse of the cute tiny toes. At 10 weeks, baby has graduated from embryo to fetus. He or she measured 1 3/8" long and the heartbeat was 167 bpm.

The only unpleasant thing was looking at the subchorionic hemorrhage I still have. (At the top right corner of the photo). This time it was larger and much more visible. Dr. B thinks it will diminish as the gestational sac expands. I am praying that it does! I am supposed to take it easy for the next several weeks. My blood work came back great and I've been instructed to take my progesterone tablets down from 3 per day to 2. I'm very happy, because these are nasty and I'm blaming my worse-than-Jr-high-skin on them as well.

I have been imagining myself larger for weeks, but about a week ago, I could no longer button my jeans, so I think I'm officially growing (although this may be due to my crazy cravings too--who knows). Nonetheless, I bought some skirts in the maternity section that feel much more comfy. Why didn't I discover this section earlier? My current mantra--if it ain't knit, it don't' fit. I'm taking pictures of my profile, but I think I'll share them at the end in case anyone wants to make their own scary flip book (and to spare those who do not think pregnant bellies are the most adorable things on this planet).

Toes are to the left, head is to the right.
I know--it's not the most attractive baby just yet.
It's ok if you don't think it's cute.

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