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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pics from last Weekend

My sis-in-law Amy took me to the appointment and was a great support! Bryan was in a class, so he wasn't able to make it to the appointment. I was feeling kind of giggly the whole time, which I've heard is good for implantation. Supposedly there are some clinics that even have clowns come in to make people laugh.I am so happy I had Amy instead of a clown!

I had acupuncture before and after the transfer. Here's a pic of a little needle in the top of my head. Looks like an antenna! After this, Dr. Materi and the embryologist came in and delivered great news. all 5 of our embryos were still growing. They picked the two that looked farthest along to transfer in. After I rested some more, they took me into the "clean room". As they did the procedure, I was able to look up at a screen and see the picture below.


And here are the two that were transferred in. They were Grade 2A Blastocysts, which is great. As I posted before, we found out the next day that 2 of the others made it and were put in the freezer for next time. They were grade 4A, which is an even better "score" because they had an extra day to grow in the dish. The embryologist said that they have the cells necessary for making a baby!

And here's my wonderful acupuncturist, Taya, from Hawthorne Wellness! Several of my Hannah's Hope gals have used her services.

After the procedure, I was on bed rest for two days. It was fantastic! I felt like I finally got rid of the stress I'd been having at work the last month. We watched the first season of the show Glee most of the time. Our friends Dana and Jaysun brought us ice cream one night, and Bryan's mom and dad brought us dinner and a gorgeous bleeding heart plant the next night. My mom and dad were in Israel, but we got to talk on the phone for a few minutes and give them the updates! So many friends checked in, and I just felt so blessed!

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  1. Thinking of you all the time! Hoping your still feeling rested and giggly :-) Such a joyful time! So glad Amy was able to go with you. Praying for those babies inside you and the one's in the freezer!
    God bless Jenny, Bryan, and their precious little ones in this time of waiting.
    Love and Blessings,


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