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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beta #2

Hey y'all in blogland. I got my second hcg beta done and from 150 to 267.8. The nurse said that's a good rise. However, they want to do a third blood test on Friday since the numbers didn't exactly double. She said the doctors are very persnickety about this, and she assured me there is nothing to worry about. I am going to choose to be patient and content with this news. There will be enough to worry about when they're teenagers after all. I'd LOVE the continued prayers though if you think of it!!

Also please pray for a wonderful young lady I know doing IVF that has had a rough time. Her sister is donating her eggs to her, but unfortunately has not responded to the meds as well as they would like. The doctor gave them the choice of cancelling the cycle or moving forward. She is leaning toward taking a leap of faith and moving forward.

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