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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grow eggies grow!!

This is gonna be quick--gotta get to work! Dr. B was back and saw 9 big eggs via ultrasound. He kind of ignored the rest since he said they aren't growing. I like to think there were some hiding since the nurse practitioner spotted so many the other day. I asked him if HE thought I was doing well and it took him a little longer than I expected to answer. Finally, he said "I think you're doing GREAT for YOU". He said this protocol seems to be right for me. They were thinking I might cut back on medicine, but when I got a call later in the day (after the blood results) they said to keep using all of it. I will go in again Friday and possibly do the trigger shot over the weekend. My retrieval will likely be Monday or Tuesday. I'm praying for Monday since it's my day off! That would just make life so much easier. I am grateful that Bryan will be off work for Spring Break, which wasn't even planned! God has this thing under control. Thanks for all your support and prayers! My Mom and Dad are heading for Istanbul and then the Holy Land today, so please pray for their safe journey as well. Thanks! JR

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