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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tropical Moments

Just checking in...everything is running smoothly so far. I'm finished with the 3 weeks of b/c pills and have been doing Lupron shots the last week along with aspirin, prenatals, doxycycline and dexamethasone. The Lupron is administered in tiny little shots in my belly each night--nothing painful or scary. I have Bryan give them to me while I close my eyes though just in case. My suppression check is on Thursday the 27th and then I'll be starting the stimulating hormones if all looks well. The only side effects so far are major "tropical moments" as the next generation up from me likes to call them! I have woken up in a sweat on more than one occasion in the past week. Maybe if I'm really creative, I can imagine myself on this fabulous white sand beach. ahhh!

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  1. I was hoping "tropical moments" meant you were taking a tropical vacation soon! Maybe it's just me and my wishful thinking for myself right now. Oh, what I would give to be on a warm beach right now....I digress.... So excited for you and this wonderful journey you're on! Just know you've got a lot of people by your side (so to speak) praying for you guys and keeping fingers crossed!


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