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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tests, tests, tests

Wednesday I went in for a few tests. My friend Gretchen accompanied me since Bryan was in school. It was comforting to have her there, especially since she's 6 months along and had her miracle happen with the help of ORM!

Dr. Bankowski did the Doppler ultrasound and found that I have good numbers (below 3) so he does not feel that I need acupuncture. I'll plan on doing it on the day of transfer only. Next, he did a saline infusion sonogram and found that I'm clear of any polyps or other things that can get in the way. I didn't know that I'd have that test repeated, so I hadn't even thought about how upset I would be if they found something. Last time I had the SIS, OHSU found a polyp I had to have surgery, plus 3 months of progesterone. They also did a mock transfer to see how my body is shaped inside in order to make things run smoother on transfer day. The catheter fell out, so it took 3 tries to make sure things looked ok. I'm pretty sure I've had enough of the speculum for a while now!!

In a couple weeks, with the start of my cycle I'll have the ultrasound where they check resting follicles. I'm feeling ready and excited for this to come together! If all goes well, it looks like we're headed for the transfer in December.

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