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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 1 At Our New Clinic

Today we met with Dr. Bankowski at ORM for our first consultation. It went very well and I am feeling so at peace that we made the right move by changing clinics! He wants to do a doppler ultrasound to check the blood flow to my uterus and also wants to see how many resting follicles I have. OHSU performed this test and found about 16 resting follicles last time. They like to do this mid-cycle, so I'll be going in next Wednesday. They also need to see more records from Dr. Stoelk's office, where I did my first IVF in order to design the right protocol for me. It made me feel really great to know that once they get all of my results back, all 5? doctors will meet as a team and talk about my case.

Next month, they'll want to do another FSH level test on day 3, a training session for administering the medicine and then I'm hoping that they'll let me dive right in to the IVF cycle. Right now it's looking like I'll actually be doing the embryo transfer by the end of December or by the end of January depending on the schedule they set up for me. (They close down in the end of December for a week, so the nurse wanted to make sure that it doesn't conflict with that).

I'm thankful for this day. It was very good to feel like we've found the right path!

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