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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Test Results, Etc.

It's a nice day in the Northwest! It's kinda sunny and we went to church, then ate lunch out on the front porch. It was hard to just drive right past our favorite Thai place today, but we managed to resist and made sandwiches and salad instead.

So I got the test results back for the labs I did so far...drumroll please...
FSH= 8.6 (Anything under 10 is pretty darn good)
Estradiol= 65 (Under 80 is good here)

Plus, I found out that Dr. Amato wants to do the surgery to remove the polyp. It will be done by hysteroscopy( see for more info)

I'm not sure when it's happening or if it is covered by insurance yet, as I've been waiting for a call back from OHSU. So far, I've learned more helpful information about this procedure from my friend Gretchen and the internet than I have from my actual doctor. Apparently, polyps have been known to effect the implantation of embryos. Who knows how long I've had it, seeing that my last reproductive endocrinologist did not perform the saline infusion sonogram or anything like it to test the inside of the uterus. We are both annoyed about this, yet hopeful that maybe this small adhesion is the cause of our infertility. Perhaps we can have it removed and become parents without IVF! Of course, we'll discuss this with the doctor at our pre-op and see what she thinks.

Thanks for your prayer support and taking this journey along with us!

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