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Friday, April 2, 2010

More tests, more patience needed

I visited OHSU Wednesday to have another prerequisite test performed, the sonohysterogram. This is where they do an ultrasound and inject saline to view the uterus. They are able to detect abnormalities and see how many resting follicles I have. It turns out that I do have a polyp. The three reproductive endocrinologists at OHSU are going to review it and decide if I need to have it removed. My number of resting follicles was 5 on one side (not so great) and 9 on the other side (better). This gives the doctors an idea of how much medicine to give me when they start stimulating my ovaries to produce more eggs. I'll probably need a more aggressive amount since my ovarian reserve seems to be a little lower than normal and my last IVF medicine protocol only turned out "so-so". Next, they performed a "trial transfer" where they take a catheter and make sure it goes into my uterus easily so they know what to expect on the day that they put embryos inside of me. While the tests were a little uncomfortable, they were not filled with excruciating pain. I had some minor cramping and spotting, but that was it.

Next steps: find out if I need to have polyp removed and take care of the rest of our lab tests

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  1. Praying for you, Jenny. I'm glad they were able to see that you have a polyp, as those little guys can interfere with implantation. Looking forward to your updates and following your blog :)


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