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Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby and Winnie

Hi all,

My most recent doctor appointment was last Thursday morning. We got to hear the baby's heart beat and it was about 150bpm. I've been feeling little flutters here and there, which is super exciting. It's so reassuring to know that he or she is really there. Surprisingly, my weight had not changed since the last appointment, but the doctor wants me to start gaining now. I doubt that I'll have any trouble with that! Mac and cheese is on the stove as we speak. It was the only thing that sounded bland enough for me right now as I've had a tummy ache all afternoon. Our next visit will be "the big one" where we'll find out the gender.

Baby is on my mind a lot, but recently I've been thinking about my furry kid Winnie 24-7. She is 8 years old and we just found out at the beginning of the month that she has chronic kidney failure. My parents are taking care of the two dogs for us right now, as we are also trying to sell our house. My dad has been giving Winnie an IV every day which helps keep her hydrated. She does really well with it. The biggest challenge seems to be getting her to eat. We tried special canned food, but she didn't like it. Then I made her some low protein food and she ate it for a while, but now she won't touch it. Even though she seems to be energetic and wants to play, she's getting really skinny and I'm not sure how long she'll be OK. Unfortunately my parent's dog, Lottie isn't doing very well either. She's not eating much and she is having trouble getting up. It's really sad to see your beloved pets getting old and sick! I am not sure how I'll be able to say good bye to either of them. Praying God will just grant us all the peace we need for the times ahead.

Winnie and me in Hood River
Baby is 16 weeks here.

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